Lutter contre le SAF est un combat quotidien. Vous pouvez continuer à nous soutenir sur ce meme site et auprès de vos commerçants, mairies et pharmacies partenaires. 


Simon Veil, defender of the women in distress, came to Reunion Island to watch the progress in terms of aftercare for those vulnerable families. Reunisaf, a unique model in France where the alliance of the strengths of the different medico-social partners and the empathy towards these families had saved dozens of women and children.

SAFTHON proposes to create a broad regional, national and international solidarity movement to facilitate collective awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

 The long-term work of the team of the Camsp Saint-Louis, in concertation with SAFFRANCE association, is beginning to bear fruit this year with the opening of the Ressource Center and the Diagnostic Center, thanks to Dr. LAMBLIN and to all of those who believed in his project and who supported it from the start, without ever giving up despite many reasons to do so.   On June 26, mothers, whose children were supported by the camsp and are fully invested in the fight against fetal alcohol syndrome, wanted to show officials and various partners the slow but safe journey they had taken.